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Thursday, September 30, 2010

World's Largest Mac & Cheese Guinness World Record 2011

There was never a doubt they would achieve their goal as Chef John Folse & Company and Cabot Creamery Cooperative set out on the morning of Thursday, September 23 to establish a new Guinness World Record for the world's largest Mac & Cheese. The result was a 2,469 pound serving of Mac & Cheese that shattered the existing Guinness world record of 414 pounds, using Cabot's award-winning cheddar cheese. More important than the Guinness record was the reason behind the event -- raising money for New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity (NOAHH) while supporting the critical work of The Magnolia School and Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans. In the last six months, through this and other activities, Cabot has helped raise more than $21,000 for the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity.

Shuichi Nakano “Searching For Paradise”

Skyy Vodka Sexy Ad Campaign Photos

You can see some crazy new billboards in Dallas soon. Critics say the provocative ads in violation of the liquor Industry Council Code of advertising ethics and stated that companies should not rely on sex to sell a product. The prints were shot by world renowned photographer Raymond Meier, who last worked with Skyy Skyy Infusions in 2008, launching the ad campaign, starting the global Skyy SEXY "marketing push to support the core, unflavored fire. The Skyy SEXY ads will first appear in October issues of national general consumer print and spirits industry trade publications such as Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Maxim, Rolling Stone, and Beverage Dynamics. Skyy SEXY was developed by Lambesis of Carsbad, CA.

Skyy Vodka Sexy Ad Campaign Photos

Ayodhya verdict: Allahabad High Court says divide land in 3 ways

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Lucknow:  Sixty years after it first went to court, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has pronounced judgment in the Ayodhya title suit, saying Hindus and Muslims are joint title holders.

The three-judge bench - comprising Justice S U Khan, Justice Sudhir Agarwal and Justice D V Sharma - ruled in a majority judgment 2:1, that there be a three-way division of the disputed land - one-third for the Sunni Waqf Board, one-third for the Nirmohi Akhara and one-third to the party for 'Ram Lalla'.

Each of the three judges gave a summary of his own. In what can be seen as a reconciliation formula, Justice Khan pointed to the unprecedented nature of Hindus and Muslims worshipping together for centuries. (Read: Muslims, Hindus worshipped together, says Justice Khan)

And Justice Aggarwal observed that the inner courtyard of the building belonged to both Hindus and Muslims. (Read: Inner courtyard area belongs to Hindus & Muslims, says Justice Agarwal)

Ayodhya verdict: Disputed land to be divided

LUCKNOW: The Allahabad High Court on Thursday ruled by a majority verdict that the disputed land in Ayodhya be divided equally into three parts among Hindus and Muslims and that the place where the makeshift temple of Lord Ram exists belongs to Hindus. In their separate judgements on the sensitive 60-year old title dispute on Ramjanambhoomi- Babri Masjid structure, Justices S U Khan and Sudhir Agarwal said that the area under the central dome of the three-domed structure where Lord Ram's idol exists belongs to Hindus. The majority in the three-judge Lucknow bench also ruled that status quo should be maintained at the disputed place for three months.

Justices Khan and Agarwal decreed that the 2.7 acre land comprising the disputed site should be divided into three equal parts and be given to Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara and the party representing 'Ram Lala Virajman' (Ram deity).

Ayodhya verdict: UP normal but alert on judgment day

UP normal ahead of Ayodhya verdict
A Muslim walks past security personnel standing vigil ahead of a potentially explosive court verdict on whether Hindus or Muslims should control a disputed holy site in Ayodhya.(AP Photo)
LUCKNOW: Schools, offices and markets remained open in Uttar Pradesh today but the low turnout indicated the underlying fear and apprehension among the people as they await the verdict of the Allahabad High Court on the Ayodhya title suit case. (Read: Possible outcomes of the Ayodhya case)

Though schools opened as usual in all the districts, the respective administrations opened and closed schools a little in advance.

Markets were also open but business was affected with lesser number of people flocking the streets.

In Faizabad and Ayodhya which means 'where no battle has been fought', people were waiting with bated breath the pronouncement of the verdict.

Wednesday Geeky Pics: Sexy Super Villains!

As a follow-up to our super heroines and super heroes, here’s a look at the other side of the sexy coin: villains! Unsurprisingly, the cosplay in this arena has proven to be predominantly female – so if you happen to have any great pics of guys in villain garb, feel free to leave them in the comments!
Let’s start with a classic, shall we?
Catwoman, ala Julie Newmar – cayusa (CC)

Catwoman, ala Michelle Pfeiffer – donsolo (CC)

Amercian Gladiators-Muscular Babes

Moshav Villages of Israel

Moshav is a type of agricultural community in Israeli consisting of a group of individual farms. The moshav is generally based on the principle of private ownership of land, emphasis on community labor and communal marketing. Workers produce crops and goods on their properties through individual or pooled labour and resources, and use profit and foodstuffs to provide for themselves. The farmers pay an amount of tax and this money is used to provide agricultural services to the community, like buying supplies and marketing the farm produce.
The first moshav was established in the Jezreel Valley in 1921. During the period of large-scale immigration after the creation of Israel  in 1948, the moshav was found to be an ideal settlement form for the new immigrants, almost none of whom were accustomed to communal living. By 1986 about 156,700 Israelis lived and worked on 448 moshavim.
Moshav Nahalal, Jezreel valley. Photo credit

What You Lookin' At?

dog photobomb

25 Insane ScarificationTattoos

Tattoos are so 2006.  The new cool thing is to horribly mutilate yourself.

Adriana Lima – Bikini Photoshoot in St Barths

10 Creepiest Celebrity Wax Replicas

As a celebrity, having a wax replica made of yourself is – next to a Hollywood star and having yourself recreated as a Lego mini figure – the greatest honor there is on Earth. But what if that damn thing doesn’t even look a bit like you? Bummer! Here are some alter egos that must’ve made the celebrities gasp in horror.

10. Julia Roberts

Ok, Julia Roberts is doe-eyed and shows all her pearly whites when she smiles. In real life, that looks really good. In wax, not so much. Someone should’ve told the artist who made the wax replica above that orange is not really a skin color. And blue eye shadow like that has been passé since the ‘80s.
But wait, we take that back. It could be worse. Waaaayyyy worse. Here’s Julia Roberts if she were a transvestite:

10 Most Badass Warriors in History

Throughout history, warriors have killed the enemy and each other, enjoying the gore and the glory. Excessive violence was no matter to these heroes, who upheld their own honor, and the honor of their lands. Perhaps we should thank them – imagine how unmanageable the population problem would be had they not annihilated entire communities for fun.

1. Attila the Hun

Nicknamed the Scourge of God, Attila the Hun drew his formidable power from a magical weapon, the Sword of Mars. The Sword of Mars was bestowed upon Attila by a shepherd who had found the weapon in the middle of a field after his cows mysteriously started spurting blood. Attila the Hun rose to power in 434 AD, and was known for pillaging cities and villages – raping women, burning homes, and the rest of that purely violent war stuff that doesn’t contribute directly to victory.

10 Hottest CEOs’ Wives of 2010

Money and power. These keys to any city also count as the keys to many a girl’s heart – not to say panties! – and no one knows this better than the chief execs of some of the big names in big business. Boy do these big guys get babes. Some may sneer and call them fat cats or worse, but these corporate bosses have bigger fish to fry. And short of keeping their global empires on top of the game, bedding and wedding the hottest hotties on the planet has got to figure pretty high on the list of priorities – at least if this catwalk call of chick-tastic loveliness is anything to go by. Here are our top 10 most babe-elicious CEOs’ wives.

10 of the Sexiest World Records

World records don’t always have to be about who can lift the most tractor tires or how many clothespins a guy can somehow attach to his face, sometimes they can be downright sexy. Some are sexual but still toe the line of weird or just downright disturbing, but sex is sex and we’ve trawled the Internet to find them anyway. These are the 10 sexiest world records; think you can break any of them?

Longest Tongue

Most people can do at least one funny thing with their faces — crossing eyes, wiggling ears, moving eyebrows in different directions — but Annika Irmler can do some pretty impressive things with her tongue. With a record-breaking 2.7-inch long tongue, she’s able to lick the bottom of an ice cream cone without needing to bite the sides off. As long as you keep the image of Gene Simmons out of your head, we’d imagine you could come up with a lot of other things she could do with that tongue.

18 Disastrous Invasive Species (That Happen To Be Delicious)

Invasive species are a major problem the world over. They kill local plants and animals, clog streams, destroy habitats, and devastate anything natural in their path. Sometimes they were introduced for a purpose, sometimes they escaped into the wild — but they always cause trouble. However, there is sometimes one redeeming feature of the proliferation of an animal in a new environment — they can be crazy freaking delicious!

18. Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed has taken over large areas of the U.S.A. and Europe, mostly due to its strong interconnected root system and speed of growth. It can survive on almost any conditions, and the roots extend 3m into the soil, which makes it almost impossible to destroy. So what possible redeeming feature can this horrific weed actually have? Well, it can be used a source of nectar for honeybees, and anything that makes more honey is good in my books. Even more cool, the young stems taste like a mild rhubarb (without the whole toxic thing), and is a good source of resveratrol and emodin.

Sexy Pillow Fight - A Gallery

We can all agree that lesbians are awesome. Sadly, we can't show you pictures of lesbian sex on this site, but we can show you the activity that almost always leads to that: the sexy pillow fight. Enjoy!

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 10-1

10. Tennessee

2008 Ranking: 25

I think we nailed it last year with this lyric from “Rocky Top”:
Once I had a girl on Rocky Top,
Half bear the other half cat;

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 20-11

20. Penn State

2008 Ranking: 37

It’s hard to find women who aren’t pretty cheery when they live in a place called Happy Valley. Which is in the middle of nowhere, so there’s really not much to do at Penn State except get drunk and hook up, a major plus in our book.

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 30-21

30. Indiana

2008 Ranking: 43

Indiana hoops have sadly fallen on some hard times, but the quality of female at IU has stayed strong. Not only are the girls here hot, they’re likely to be sweet as well, what with all the midwestern good manners that have been bred into them.

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 40-31

40. San Diego State

2008 Ranking: NR

San Diego State was easily one of the schools we left off last year that provoked the most outcry, and it’s no surprise that the student body here is especially attractive, as San Diego is one of the best places to live in the US.

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks

One of Pop Crunch’s all time most popular pieces was the Hottest Student Bodies 2008: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks. It was so popular that we’ve decided to make it an annual tradition, coinciding each year with March Madness, a time when everyone’s minds are on college sports. We’ve spent countless hours updating galleries, going over feedback from last year’s list, and poring over photos of hot college co-eds in an effort to bring you a killer list for 2009. We think it’s an improvement over 2008, hopefully you’ll agree.

Sachin Tendulkar vs Brad Hogg - Amazing Story

India vs Australia 2004 Match. Brad Hogg took Sachin's wicket.

Sachin Tendulkar vs Brad Hogg - Amazing Story

At the end of the match Hogg gave that ball to Sachin for his autograph. Sachin put his sign with one beautiful sentence,

12 Hottest Politicians’ Wives

With the power and authority of government office, you might imagine that hotties would be falling over themselves to get their hands on the great and good. In fact, that’s rarely the case – politics can be a dry, dry subject and it takes decades to get to the top. However, to test the rule, here are 12 of the hottest women in the world to be married into politics!

Samuel Whittemore was cooler than your ancestors - via IHeartChaos

Samuel Whittemore was cooler than your ancestors - via IHeartChaos

Baby Animals and with moms

Hiding--Prey Hunting,

Glacier ice blue photo by untipografico--Argentina

Glacier ice blue photo by untipografico--Argentina

Fortress Cathedral

tags: church ukrania architecture photo by trey radcliff

Beauty in the crowd

Beauty in the crowd

tags: woman blonde beauty photo by fabio giomondi

Age Does not Matter !!!!

Cookie cutter houses in a Petal of Durrat al Bahrain, a mega real estate project on artificial islands-

Cookie cutter houses in a Petal of Durrat al Bahrain, a mega real estate project on artificial islands-

Stonehenge on island Cres

Mirame (look at me) by Ruurmo

Girl beauty

The Life of a Little Monkey 3 by Dmitry Finkel @

The Life of a Little Monkey 3 by Dmitry Finkel @

Bolivia salt desert after the rain

Simply white. By Robin Alfian.

Orphan Black Bear Cubs: Georgia

Animal Leopard on tree...Prey Hunting

Prey Hunting..................Smart cat

Friendship--Gimme five!

Buterflies meeting

Crazy fisherman,Turkey

Crazy  fisherman,Turkey

The Dogy's Play Time

The Hermit crab