Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zippora Seven Nude And Enchanting For "Darkness of Noon" Photoshoot By Derek Henderson

Here is Zippora Seven posing naked within an enchanting New Zealand landscape for a March 2013 book by photographer Derek Henderson. Zippora Seven might have an interesting name, but she also had an interesting start to her career. More about that interesting story a bit later... This month Derek Henderson launches his new project "Darkness of Noon" which features various beautiful sights of New Zealand. Model Zippora Seven features in the book which also includes illustrations by Kelly Thompson. The images are enchanting and dreamlike. Zippora is a Kiwi model best known for the controversy when an Australian fashion magazine ran a topless shoot of her at age 16. Not to worry, she is of legal age now so we can check out her fun womanly bits without controversy or launching an investigation by the police. Enjoy!


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